An oil based adhesive remover that will break down your bond on your scalp and on your system without any hassle. Citrus oil based for a pleasant smell. Can also be dilluted in a bowl of warm water as a soak for your system for an thorough, hassle free clean.


Use SAS to melt away stubborn adhesive residue in under a minute! Infused with aloe, safe for use on the skin and commonly found in medical centers and hospital settings.


( Colour of liquid can vary between a light straw to light orange )


Chemistry: Petrol-based, ester-infused with Aloe and Lanolin additives
Comparable: C-22
Oily: Slightly
Performance:  Removes all tape residue and soft bond glues
Medical use: Yes
Flammable: No. Shipping by Air is permissible without Hazmat Handling and tariffs
Hypoallergenic: Considered skin-safe


Ingredients - Wetting agents, Aloe vera, Lanolin and all natural orange oils


Does not contain parabens or phthalates




SAS (Super Adhesive Remover)

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